Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's Been Going On and other tales

So then, I've lost 2lbs, then a further 1lb, total 4lbs. Not massive but every week I clock up (or should that be down?) a loss I shall be happy.

I think my head is in the right place now. The new Points Plus or whatever it's called is helping, I have what feels like a crazy ass number of points now and exercise seems to earn ridiculous numbers too so it feels much easier than before. I'm hoping for a 2lb or more loss next week so I'm back under 300lbs and then this time I WILL NOT GO ABOVE THAT AGAIN. I WILL get to my L.A.W* within the next 12 weeks or sooner (giving me a target of just under 2lbs a week) and I'll try my darnedest to get to -70lbs by my friend's wedding at the beginning of September, which is *checks diary, does calculation* by jove, almost exactly 2lbs a week, eek!

I've been thinking about what I'd like to treat myself when I reach this goal and I've always wanted to own Vivienne Westwood clothing and this wonderful dress goes right up to a UK20! Yes it's a lot of money, but I'd be so proud of myself if I achieved my goal I'd just go for it.

I also blow and hot and cold all the time about wanting a wrist tattoo. I have a design I'd love to use, I'm just a bit of a chicken, both pain wise and permanence wise! Long time in the future to be thinking about all this too hard now, I'm sure there'll be some rocky times ahead!

*L.A.W. = lowest adult weight


  1. Congrats on the loss Emily! You can totally lose 70 pounds by September. The link didn't go to a specific dress, I wanna see!! Wrist tattoos are hardcore, do you have any others?

  2. Gr, stupid internet, I know why though, it's because you're not in the UK, if you click back through and choose to change to the UK site and search on product code 105027 then you'll see it. It's not hugely jazzy or anything but it's very me and I just love the way Ms Westwood cuts her cloths, yummy!

    Also no, no other tattoos but it's the only place I would really consider having one but then I am also a bit funny with needles so it's just a pipe dream really!