Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2

I had a lovely weekend, didn't bother tracking but then, I never was going to, but I don't think it's made a huge difference.

I weigh on Fridays and I was 1lb down which I was mostly happy with. I think it's a lie that people can look at the scale and go 'YAY A POUND!' (perhaps unless it's your last pound to lose or you've had a horrific week of eating) but it's a start and I shan't worry it wasn't more :)

In other news, I met a lovely lovely boy on Saturday but was too chicken to do anything other than ramble drunkenly at him and hope he'd make a move. He didn't and now I'm left feeling ragey that I'm so rubbish with men being that I'm so affected by the thought that if I had made a move all he'd have done is go 'AHAHA BUT YOU'RE FAT!', despite the fact that before I spoke to him, he'd been lingering about for about an hour to the point that even my friend noticed and basically shoved me at him*. Ugh, I am ridiculous!

*we are in our thirties. Yes. I know ;)

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