Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Video Says It All

It's my birthday!!!!! Yay! I'm going to London for a lovely meal at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant with my lovely friends and then I'm going to get drunk and I DON'T CARE! Being the sad singleton that I am, I'm listening to Stevie, followed by Altered Images which I do every year and which, I won't lie, makes me very happy.

In other news, I lost 2lbs this week. It was ever so slightly a cheat because I'd been on course all week to get that loss, then when I weighed myself first thing I'd only lost a lb, but then, when I went back a couple of hours later, off it had come, so I'm taking that thank you very much! I did a spreadsheet earlier in the week to calculate how long it would take to meet my ultimate goal (and smaller, sooner goals) and I should be well into a 'normal' weight range by July 2012. It seems ages away but it's really not is it. The first proper goal to reach is obviously my Lowest Adult Weight and that should happen mid-April, which is thrilling!

Onwards and downwards darlings!

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